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The sobriety of ALESZI’s artwork makes the materials speak and express with serenity their inner beauty, their natural blessing.

It is not about changing their character, on the contrary, it is about revealing their personality so that it emerges with delicacy.

“ALESZI’s work for me is disconcerting, unique and very original. Evidently there is a code he is handling very well. It is crucial for a piece of art to be disconcerting or produce some confusion. Congratulations, certainly very unique artwork.”
Visual artist, Director of Parson School of Design

ALESZI was born in Venezuela, lived and went to school in Spain and Germany, with further education in the USA. He currently lives in Colombia and works in Medellin, Caracas, Miami and Palma de Mallorca. Art is his expression of life, ranging from graphical to sculptural artwork.